ifLink Open Community

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  • 2023.06.29
    We are pleased to announce the opening of our website in English.

What is ifLink Open Community?

It is a community that aims to achieve a world where anyone can easily use IoT. People belonging to various companies and organizations transcend barriers and interact openly. Over 100 companies and schools come together to carry out endeavors such as ifLink modularization for IoT devices, experimental creation of IoT solutions, generation of ideas, and marketing.

Opportunities to connect
  • Expand personal connections in different industries and generations
  • Search for peers and markets / technologies / products
  • Participate in club activities and projects
Opportunities for experimental creation
  • Exchange ideas that go beyond industries and business circles
  • Highly accelerated PoC through existing modules
  • Test marketing through member cooperation
New business opportunities
  • New business support through the collective knowledge of members
  • Acquisition of business partners
  • Acquisition of business promotion opportunities
Use of ifLink platform technology for open innovation activities by members crossing company and organizations boundaries

ifLink IoT you can create yourself

This IoT platform allows users to freely combine various IoT devices and online services to build convenient systems easily.

ifLink features
  • Simply combine IF-THEN conditionals
  • Ability to use various IoT modules
  • Ability to operate ifLink with various terminals

The concept of participating in Community activities

The community has a variety of frameworks, such as "Bistro" and "Club ifLink," in which members can freely invite each others with "ifLink x Want to achieve" themes and promote joint activities, as well as commercialization projects to support business startups. Make the most of each frameworks to achieve the growth and outcomes you’re striving for.

Case Study

  • New business
  • PoC
  • Outdoor
  • HR development
  • Digital literacy
  • Design thinking
  • Open community
  • EdTech
  • Programming
  • Open innovation